Free Spirit Film


Directed/Animation/Story/Cinematography/Editing/Set & Sound Design
Katrina Villarreal


Regenerated is about the everyday routine of an average working woman. The woman in the film comes home from a draining day of work and lets herself indulge in sensual pleasures. In the end, she uses the blood from a baby alien she births to regenerate herself.

Scenes from films like ‘Baraka’ and ‘A Pigeon Sat On A Branch’ inspired this film. These films focus on the details and strangeness of everyday moments. In this film, I wanted to examine routine from the perspective of a single woman.

I shot this film for 4 hours. I had a small crew of three other girls besides my actress and me. It was a group effort to get every shot to work since the film is composed of long one-takes. It was fun and tiring, and in the end, we were all proud of the work we had done.

Free Spirit

Free Spirit

Free Spirit