Perfect Life Film


Katrina Villarreal

Nayelli Ojeda


Perfect Life is a stop-motion feature about Vega, a woman turned robot, who must convert her dying baby into a robot, against her husband's will, to save her family. The story is a surreal representation of what to do when your world falls apart both metaphorically and literally as it is set against a backdrop of a devastated Earth. The film deals with themes such as identity, the rise of AI, single motherhood, and the fake ideal of perfection.

Perfect Life




Robot Vega ironically becomes more human because she values her family above everything. Vega is devastated by Tom’s disapproval of her robotic form and becomes convinced that transforming Astra will save their family. However, as it becomes clear that Tom is unwilling to change, she must decide to stay or move on without him.



Once a strong man and skilled AI programmer, Tom's desperation leads him to make morally ambiguous decisions. His past deeds haunt him, and he begins to view Vega’s transformation as her death. Resistant to change, he’d rather let the rest of his life die as well.



Astra is the last thing holding this family together. Astra's illness forces her parents to face the truth and navigate the moral complexities of artificial intelligence, ultimately becoming the catalyst for their most profound transformations.



The film is set on an artificial Earth-like space colony that Tom stole from the company he previously worked for. His betrayal prompts the company to disable vital functions, including the atmospheric shield that protects the colony. As the film progresses, the deteriorating atmosphere fails to stop meteors from penetrating, which destroys the colony's serene facade and reveals the burning Earth above.



Perfect Life, feels like a nightmare as it uses dramatic, surreal imagery to symbolically represent what is happening in the narrative. The visual of the Earth on fire and Astra's gradual decline symbolize the end of Tom and Vega's marriage and Vega's human life.


Why This Film

In a time grappling with AI’s rise, Perfect Life, stands as a poignant exploration of themes deeply relevant in today's world. Will AI spell humanity's downfall, or will our own resistance to change and fear of the unknown be the reason for our demise? This narrative delves into the dualities of human nature—our tendency to succumb to fear contrasted with our profound resilience to overcome adversity and evolve.

At its core, Perfect Life, navigates the journey of self-discovery, urging us to confront and reconcile with our authentic selves amidst the chaos and beauty of life's imperfections.

It's about realizing that even when you can see the end of the world from where you stand, there's beauty in the ashes of what was, and hope in embracing a future that aligns with what you have become.