Free Spirit Film


Directed/Animation/Story/Cinematography/Editing/Set & Sound Design
By Katrina Villarreal


‘Hard plastic’ is a story about a woman’s loss of innocence and the over-sexualization of a woman’s body. The doll was a symbol of how the woman’s body is seen. The innocent mind sees the doll as pretty and cute, while the corrupt mind sees the doll as an object of lust.

I was inspired to create this film by the realization that sex is all around us but we as people rarely talk about it or acknowledge it. Some people stay innocent until one day they are awakened and see how prevalent sex is in our society. This often disturbing realization is what I wanted to explore in this film.The film was shot over the course of the day at Central Park. I had a small crew of three other girls.

The film set felt very hectic and rushed since we didn’t have a lot of time, but everything worked out in the end and the film was a success.

Free Spirit

Free Spirit

Free Spirit